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Sandalwood (Chandan) is considered to be the most reliable and effective beauty ingredient. It has also often been mentioned in Ayurveda as a natural healer. 

Used as a powder, paste or oil, sandalwood is a powerful antiseptic, emollient and anti-inflammatory agent that can benefit your skin in numerous ways.

Sandalwood sooths inflammatory skin conditions, calms irritated skin and reduces breakouts. In Ayurvedic texts, it is known to relieve the pitta dosha, means it has cooling properties.

Sandalwood's antiseptic properties helps reduce infection in areas hosting pimples, cuts or superficial wounds, while its anti-microbial nature aids in keeping the skin clean.


ANAYA Sandalwood & Saffron Luxury Handmade Bathing Bar

ANAYA Haldi Chandan Luxury Handmade Bathing Bar