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Ingredient Story!


Ayurvedic practice allows us ways to boost health and wellness naturally, limiting overt use of synthetic ingredients in our personal care products. 

“Natural ingredients are the soul of Ayurveda”.

Most Ayurvedic practices involve herbs. Ayurvedic herbs are herbs that are believed to be used in Ayurvedic lineage for 10,000 plus years and grow in India and surrounding areas. Ranging from energy to joint support, immunity and cognition, Ayurvedic herbs have a variety of wellness boosting properties.

Ayurveda lists more than 1,500 herbs with potential health benefits.
Prominent ones include Haldi, Brahmi, Manjistha, Amalaki, Adrakh (Ginger), Tulsi, Henna, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Indian frankincense, Amla, Ariphala and more, given their versatile biological activities.

“Each herb is unique and helps promote your overall health and wellness while taking care of your grooming.”

All our products use the Finest Ayurvedic Ingredients.
Each of our products has its own unique ingredient story.