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Henna is the most trusted hair beauty ingredients in India. It has been taking care of most of our hair troubles since ages. Apart from being a fabulous ingredient to naturally dye hair, Henna is also known to strengthen, condition and nourish the tresses from deep within.
  • It can help repair split ends:Dry and damaged hair is prone to split ends. It is important to break the vicious cycle that causes split ends and using henna is a great way to do this. Henna deeply conditions and nourishes your hair, taking care of dry hair problem, and consecutively split ends issue. 
  • It nourishes your scalp and hair:Henna has naturally nourishing properties, which makes it the perfect ingredient to turn dry, damaged and unhealthy hair into soft, shiny and manageable hair.
  • It balances pH and oil production:Henna helps calm down overactive sebaceous glands, controlling oil production in the process. It also helps restore the pH of the scalp to its natural acid-alkaline level, thus strengthening the hair follicles.
  • It can help prevent dandruff:Henna helps remove excess grease and dirt from your scalp, including dandruff. Using Henna regularly on to your hair not only cures dandruff problems, it also prevents them from coming back.   
  • It can control scalp itchiness:Henna has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties that work to cool and soothe your scalp, controlling scalp itchiness.
  • It conditions hair: When combined with hydrating ingredients such as eggs, Henna makes a great conditioner. It can make your hair feel silky smooth for days on end.