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Apricot is known to have impressive benefits for our skin. It is not just useful for maintaining the smooth and shiny appearance of the skin; it also aids in treating a number of skin diseases. It has a healthy amount of vitamin A, which has long been associated with healthier skin. The antioxidants in apricot protect the skin from effects of free radicals, which can lead to skin deterioration and signs of premature aging.

 Some of the benefits of Apricot are as below:

Skin Moisturizer

Apricot oil is great for dry skin because of its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. Its moisturizing properties keep your skin cells hydrated and counter act any drying effect associated with exfoliating your skin, providing you with a healthier and softer skin.

Heals Damaged Skin

Apricot oil is obtained from the dried seeds of the fruit. Its skin softening effects can be attributed to its high content of vitamin C. This oil can treat a variety of skin conditions without making your skin oily. It is an excellent moisturizer for face and hands and can cure damaged skin without undesirable side effects.


Apricot kernels help in getting rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and enables new skin cells to re-grow. This exfoliating action helps in getting rid of fine lines and small wrinkles by eliminating the damaged surface cells from the skin.

Removes Blemishes

Apricot oil has proven to be useful in keeping premature signs of ageing at bay. Apricot based products can be effective in eliminating skin blemishes.

Maintains Skin Elasticity

Apricot oil helps in maintaining skin clarity, suppleness and elasticity. It is often used in beauty products due to its revitalizing and nourishing effects on the skin.


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