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7 Simple Hair Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

Your grandmother recommends oiling your hair while your hairdresser recommends a hair spa, your friends swear by these new products they are using while you wish to keep it au natural, there’s a lot of advice on hair care that results in a lot of confusion. Let’s begin with the basics.  7 easy to follow hair care tips that will result in healthy hair   A healthy nutrition-rich diet Which do you think are the fastest-growing cells in our body? Our hair cells. Not only they grow fast, but they also are the first ones to get affected by unhealthy lifestyle habit. Eat a diet rich in iron and protein as it strengthens the hair. Also, drink an adequate amount...

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Why Should You Use The Miracle Beauty Oil of Kumkumadi?

Did you know there’s an oil that can make your face shine like gold? The miraculous elixir, kumkumadi oil is known for its benefits across Ayurveda. It is said that massaging your face with kumkumadi oil at night can overtime make your skin glow by eradicating all skin-related issues.  Kumkumadi gets its name from one of its key ingredients that is kumkuma, the name given to red-gold saffron in Sanskrit.   There are a lot of benefits to using kumkumadi, including Lightens the skin tone Improves skin texture         Minimizes dark circles Repairs hyperpigmentation Reduces signs of ageing Fights skin discolouration Treats blemishes and scars Brightens dull skin     Best uses of kumkumadi oil Skin Brightening Saffron...

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Dehydrated Skin? Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

Want to know the secret to healthy and beautiful skin? Well, who wouldn’t: P Hydrated and nourished skin is the way to healthy, happy skin, but moisturizing your skin once a day would simply not cut it. We are talking about keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day to keep it supple and glowing.  Why is it important to keep your skin hydrated? How do you look and feel after you’ve hydrated your skin and now think how do you feel when you skip the hydration regime? Hydration is the key to soft skin.  If you are ready to upgrade your hydration game, we are ready to help with these 5 simple ways to hydrate your skin. Drink an adequate...

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